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Executive Officers of Renton (WA) Federation of Teachers (RFT)

September 2014 to August 2016


Gary Neill

Cell (425) 218-9516
Home (425)745-3780

Vice President

AJ Serba
(425) 235-7812

Cell (425) 765-2071

VP of Communications

Sarah Redd
(425) 235-2352, ext. 5500

Cell (503) 799-3970

VP of Finance

Cheryl Stover
161 Whitman Ct NE

Cell (206) 370-2272

VP of Part-Time

Maggie Saidi
(425) 235-23520 x5598

Cell (206) 940-2085

VP of Personnel



Executive Board 2012 - 2014

Executive Board 2010 to 2012


RFT Executive Officers -- September 2021 to August 2023

These are your RFT elected officers. Please contact one of us if you're dealing with a work-related issue!

Donna Maher, President

Rick Geist, Vice President

Alma Meza, Vice President for Finance (Treasurer)

Sarah Redd, Vice President for Personnel (Membership)

Elizabeth Flanagan, Vice President for Communication (Secretary)

Camille Pomeroy, Vice President for Political

Martin Paquette, Vice President for Professional Rights and Responsibilities

Cheryl Stover, Vice President for Adjunct Faculty Issues


RFT Executive Officers -- September 2018 to August 2020

Sheila May-Farley, President

Michele Lesmeister, Vice President

Brian Thompson, Vice President for Finance (Treasurer)

Donna Maher, Vice President for Personnel (Membership)

Jim Robinson, Vice President for Communication (Secretary)

Rick Geist, Vice President for Political

Martin Paquette, Vice President for  Professional Rights and Responsibilities

Vacant, Vice President for Part-time Faculty