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Sheila May-Farley for President

Hi RTC Membership,

My name is Sheila May-Farley, and I have been a full time instructor at RTC in the Medical Office Programs since 2005. My commitment to RTC has grown over the years with the changing economy and turbulent changing of administration. With more changes in leadership on campus it is even more prudent to stay involved and help guide the changes that we have in store.

Teaching has been a lifelong passion, and I have taught at the high school level as well. During my years in industry I also sat on a union advisory board with input on curriculum and training. Ultimately the success of my students is my greatest reward. Professionally I have continued to pursue my own education and am currently working on my masters at the UW.

I served 2 terms as the RFT Vice President of Personnel/Membership, and while not an executive board member I have participated actively in campus governance activities. I had the pleasure of serving on the negotiation committee this last year and am proud of the improvements our team made in our new contract. Other committees that I currently serve on are College Council, Workload Taskforce, Title III College Success Task Group, Labor Management Committee and a Tenure Committee.

The work that is being done in these meetings directly effects faculty; that is my motivation. Being involved in the process and to have a voice so all faculty can be confident that they are being represented fairly. Given the opportunity to be your RFT President I will continue this work.

Thank you, 

Sheila May-Farley

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